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• Commercial

• Residential

• Automotive Window Tinting.

We also specialize in the sale and installation of Radio’s, Navigations, HID’s and Auto accessories.

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Solar control film • Security / Graffiti film • Decorative film • Interior Vinyl film

Commercial Window Tinting offers these benefits

– Reduces glare on computer screens and minimizes solar hotspots.
– Helps for comfort and heat control.
– Protects against UV rays.
– Privacy: Stylish and textured films introduces privacy without sacrificing natural lights.


Solar control film • Security / Graffiti film • Decorative film • Interior Vinyl film

Residential Window Tinting Offers These Benefits

– Protects interior furnishings and reduces glare.
– Improves television and computer screen viewing.
– Lower building energy costs by reducing excessive solar heat gained through window
– Solar control improves comfort ad maintains temperature consistency from one room to another.


Automotive Window Tinting Offers

– Improve comfort: Rejects heat coming through windows.
– Maintains car original appearance.
– Blocks harmful uv rays to reduce fading of your car interior.
– Improves car appearance.


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