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About Us

Commercial Window Tinting Since 2016

About US

Since 2016

Full Service Window Tinting Services

Window films of various types and purposes are available for fitting in:

schools, colleges, flats, houses, apartment or condos, sports centre, shops, offices, banks, hospitals, government departments, industrials, hotels, shopping malls, retail outlets, medical centres, conservatory spaces, skylights windows, likewise marines, yachts, aeroplanes, boats, automotive and all property or business homes …

Our company only uses high-quality products from widely known and qualified film makers.

Windows films can help a variety of issues:

– Solar window movie to prevent excess warm-up to 82% and provides 99% UV rejection.

– Safety and security film for much better defence again burglary.

– Personal privacy, frosted, dusted window movies are available in a different range of shades, finishings and grades.


RG Commercial Window Tints presents a host of different options of window films. These can be applied to the glass/ window with very wide of colors pallette and tones.
Window films help during the summertime and also during the winter by keeping the heat … (hot or cold air) and reflect the heat back into the building.


SOLAR CONTROL WINDOW FILM can provide fringe benefits such as one way personal privacy, uniform outdoors look, winter season heating cost savings and as with most of the films as much as 99% ultraviolet light (UV) filtering.


SECURITY AND SECURITY WINDOW FILM are designated to make glass/ window much safer – both by enhancing it against breakage and assisting in holding dangerous shards of shattered glass in circumstances where break-ins are attempted.

We excel above of our rivals by the quality of the products and services we supply. We strive to make sure customer satisfaction is unrivalled in the industry.